Developing a multi-channel marketing strategy for your restaurant

restaurant marketing menuBRC Smart Marketing will help you to integrate your marketing channels to surround your customers with your message and ensure that your brand message is always on the tip of their tongues. Here are some ideas to help you get started:




Host an Event

Invite locals and visitors to come to your restaurant for an exclusive event in which they can experience the property and its offerings. Provide music or activities appropriate to your setting, as well as a complimentary snacks or drinks. Encourage guests to check in on social media. Use BRC Smart Marketing tools to help you monitor the buzz and use it for your next campaign.

Humanize Your Brand

Traditional media is still useful in spreading the word about your restaurant, but news articles usually don’t highlight the personalities within your staff. Social media is a casual platform where businesses can let their guards down. Connect with social media followers by profiling employees, posting pictures from events or take followers behind the scenes. Users will appreciate the exclusive look behind your brand and they’ll remember you for more than just a homogeneous ad. We’ll help you to use this content to enliven your traditional marketing with personal touches.

Manage Customer Service

BRC Smart Marketing can help you stay top of all the traditional review sites. By monitoring reviews, you’ll have the chance to respond quickly and even reverse a reviewer’s opinion.

Nurture Your Community

Social media has certainly streamlined the process of communities forming behind whatever it is they support. A positive online community experience leads to more positive actions. For example, members who are having a good time, tend to invite others to join. Satisfied members are also more likely to share your content whether it’s a blog post, social media post, or promotion.

Our Social Conversations service provides a comprehensive solution that monitors keywords in social media and responds with special promotions.

By listening to your community and maintaining a pro-active role, you can remain atop the mind of locals. For restaurants that have been around for a while, this involves an ongoing evolution and recognition of new media being the new norm; a new way to reach out to the younger community; and a means to communicate all they do, and how they can tend to the needs of their consumers.

Offer Value

Offering value above and beyond what can be found elsewhere is key in encouraging people to follow your social media presence. Value can come in various forms. You can allow visitors to book reservations, see your daily specials or download special offers and coupons. We’ll help you to target and deliver these customized offerings to your market segments.

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