Improve your search results the old-fashioned way

Remember those weekend cookouts when relatives and friends would drop by to check out what’s cooking on the grill? Sometimes, neighbors from the next block might come in and join the party. As you got to know your new friends, they might refer you to a business or two in the area. These old-fashioned personal touches can provide a competitive edge in online marketing.
Once you have a great website, it’s important to develop a personal voice with a blog. Potential customers are likely to review articles before downloading white papers or case studies. People respond to on-the-spot content (like the aroma of barbecue on the grill) and a successful blog site can turn casual visitors into loyal customers!

Here are some tips for developing a popular blog that displays at the top of search results:

1. Develop key phrases

Visit the Google Adwords Keyword Marketing Tool, and spend some time in assessing which key phrases will steer considerable website traffic for your website through your blog. Thinking that a “prominent” collection of key words will certainly work isn’t good enough, you need to research keyword phrases that relate to your product/service, local marketing, and blog site subjects. If you’re an expert servicing local businesses, it’s a must to center your key phrases such as “AL automobile dealership” or “automotive dealership in Mobile” so you can cover targeted viewers.

2. Link  to your Social Pages

Social search isn’t just a buzzword. These days, many visitors to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are looking for information. When you tweet or share an update, include a link to your blog site to provide more information. The blog can open additional channels of communication and establish another level of interaction. Then,when readers share your blog content, search engines will rte you higher because of  your influence and the quality of your blog content.

3. Speak with a Genuine Voice

In 2012, Google launched the Writer Rank function which boosts Search Engine Optimization for top quality content. It recommends originality, relevance, and trust as the three crucial facets for a blog article to be shared. Whatever you decide to write about your company or trends in your industry, it’s most important that you speak like an actual person! Blog posts won’t be shared if you can’t stimulate your visitors’ thoughts, so always keep in mind that your blog is your platform for your voice to be heard. And that’s what your readers expect to find when they visit.